About Architecture Projects

Architecture Projects is a company founded in the year 2007 in Panama, and is formed by pasionate architects and designers completely focused in architecture visualization. We specialize in listening our clients intention and help transmit it through the creation of scenes that narrate the project in an evolving form. We do it through a hightly motivated team that sees architecture not only as a profession but as a way of living.

Our main experience categories are:

  • Visualization of high and low density residential projects.
    • Visualization of residential buildings.
    • Visualization of residential interiors.
    • Visualization of residential houses.
  • Visualization of high and low density commercial projects.
    • Visualization of commercial centers
    • Visualization of office centers
    • Visualizations of commercial interiors
  • Visualization of macro scale projects
    • Visualization of residential urban projects
    • Visualization of touristic complexes
    • Visualization of urban renewal projects.

Our Clients

Tiniacos Arquitectos
Orfila y Orfila Arquitectos
Gestión Urbana
Amador Arquitectos
Panamá Pacífico
Joan Roca Master Pool Designer
Salceda Carballeda
Office Group
Bienes Raíces COT

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