Villa Savoye 3d Model

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  • El modelo está completamente mapeado con coordenadas UVW, lo que hace que sea muy fácil editarlo.
  • Todos los elementos son polys
  • Modelo formado por quads en un 99%.
  • El modelo está a escala.
  • La apertura de las puertas está animada.
  • Incluye todas las texturas y materiales.


3d Model Jean Pierre Jeanneret’s Villa Savoye, better known as Le Corbusier. I modeled this from floor plans and hundred of photographs found on the internet as reference, and information seen in Google maps. The model is completelly mapped with UVW coordinates, what makes it easier to edit it. All elements are polys and is formed by 99% quads. There are just a few hidden triangles that gave me a hard time to form them into quads, for example at the helicoidal stairs. I haven’t model the basement due to lack of information. The model is correctly scaled in meters. Also the opening of the doors is animated.


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