Hacemos renders 3d, imágenes para promover proyectos de bienes raíces.

We do Architecture 3d renders, images to promote real estate projects

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Architecture Projects is a company founded in the year 2007 with the mission of creating renders to visualize architecture projects. Our services are used by architects that want to study their projects threedimensionally as part of the design process.

As time passed by, architecture offices have started to create their 3d models in their own office. This models are made with software specialized in creating basic forms with the posibility of modifying the models easily and with scarce tools for texturing, lighning or creatin models with high amount of polygons. Theese models are very good to quickly explore different shapes and making design desicions because are easily editable. This helps the designing architect to make the project with the least possible errors and make sure that the aesthetic part of the volumetry of the project gets done according to the stile waned.

Our services are also targeted to clients that are not architects, but companies that promote real estate projects and need to create images to market their projects and show their clients the goodness of their buildings. For this kind of projects is necesary to create high resolution images that can be used in mass media, like newspapers, magazines, websites, facebook, youtube, large scale billboards. For this kind of projects we offer packages with a series of images from different point of view of each project, for example, for a urban residential project, aerial view, view of the facade of each house model, interior views, social area views.

Residential Renders

Residential Render
Residential Render

Modelado, materialidad, iluminación, renderizado de proyectos residenciales de baja, media y alta densidad.

Commercial Renders

Render of a restaurant
Render of a restaurant

Modelado, materialidad, iluminación de proyectos comerciales de fachadas de locales comerciales, en interiores o centros comerciales y oficinas de alta densidad.

Institutional Renders

Gubernamental Buildings, Institutional, Conference centers, Religious buildings, Cultural centers.

3d Visualizations of industrial projects, galleys, logistic centers, port activity centers.

Master Plans

Render of a residential Master Plan.
Render of a residential Master Plan.

Aerial renders of large scale new projects of urban development, urban complexes, mixed use projects.

Renders of Touristic Projects

3d animations of residential projects, commercial, institutional, industrual or master plan projects.

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  1. Buenas tardes, un gusto saludarle.

    Quisiera cotizar los renders de un proyecto de casas que vamos a realizar en las Colinas de Pacora.

    Agradezco nos confirme que necesitan de arquitectura, además de información de las vistas que necesitamos para que nos puedan dar un presupuesto.

    1. Buenas tardes, con mucho gusto le envío una propuesta.

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